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Emma Thompson Shares The 20 Ways She Manages Her Depression

Award-winning actress lists 20 helpful ways she deals with low mental health 

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British actress, Emma Thompson – known for her roles in Love Actually, The Harry Potter Movies and Sense and Sensibility -spoke candidly about her depression in “It’s not OK To Feel Blue by Scarlett Curtis, a snippet of which was printed in The Sunday Times’ Style Magazine:

To be alive is truly an extraordinary gift and when all seems sterile and empty one simply has no access to it.

Take a look at her helpful suggestions for when your mental health takes a dive:

1. Live as enjoyable as you can within financial reason

2. If you have a bath, draw an inch or two of cold water and splash about in it. A cold shower will have the same uplifting effect.

3. Never stay up all night watching Netflix Originals about serial killers.

4. Don’t think too far ahead. Evening is fine but tomorrow can look after itself.

5. Keep reasonably busy.

6. See as much as you can of the friends who like you, support you and make you laugh. See as little as you can of the friends who judge you, compare you to others and tire you (and don’t pretend you don’t know who they are).

7. Apply the same rules to casual acquaintances. If your instincts tell you they are toxic, walk away and don’t look back.

8. If you are low in the water, do not pretend that you aren’t. It makes it so much worse, and a stiff upper lip only gives you a sore jaw.

9. Good coffee and tea are a genuine help.

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10. Do not under any circumstances or for any reason at any time compare yourself to anyone else.

11. Cultivate a gentle, healthy pessimism. It can result in more nice surprises.

12. Avoid drama about what is wrong with the world (unless it is funny), emotionally powerful music, other sad people and anything likely to make you feel anxious or that you are not doing enough.

13. Random acts of kindness are human antidepressants.

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14. Form a close bond with a local tree.

15. Make the room you most like sitting in as much of a comfy nest as you can.

16. Listen to David Attenborough.

17. Stop judging yourself. Stop punishing yourself yourself. It’s not your fault.

18. Keep warm.

19. Think as much as you can about space, infinity and beyond. Anything that much bigger than you can be very relaxing.

20. Trust me.

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As seen in 22.09.19 issue of The Sunday Times: Style Magazine

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