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Printable Productivity Planner

20 Page Productivity Planner

Whether you’re a busy parent, working on multiple professional projects, or feel like your brain is constantly bursting with various tasks, this productivity-boosting 2020/2021 planner bundle is guaranteed to help you optimize your schedule and put your mind at ease.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get in your free beautifully designed Productivity Planner :


  • Back and front cover
  • Motivational quote


  • Daily Tasks
  • Weekly Tasks
  • Week At A Glance
  • Monthly Goals (2 pages)
  • Food Inventory (before going shopping)
  • Cleaning Schedule


  • 2020 Calendar (2 pages)
  • Did I Text Back? Reminder to respond to text messages


  • Monthly Review
  • *Vision Board (left blank for you to draw/stick on pictures for inspiration)
  • Gratitude Page (to write what you’re thankful for. Great for reference in times of darkness)
  • Brain Dump (2 pages)


  • Assorted illustrated and text stickers *which can be used for the Vision Board

Purchase the full 20 page planner for only £1.00 here

? PRINTABLE PDF – Print as many copies as you need
? INSTANT DOWNLOAD – Get it right away
?DIFFERENT SIZES – Choose from A4

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