20 Awesome Journal Prompts to Ignite Your Creative Writing

Tired of sitting in front of an empty page waiting for the creative gods to strike you with a bolt of inspiration? Well make yourself a cuppa tea (or coffee if you’re a heathen) and get comfortable because I’ve got 20 awesome journal prompts designed to stimulate your creative writing.


Add some drama into the following writing exercises. You can put yourself in these situations or a character you’ve been working on:

  1. You’re a defence lawyer and you’ve been called to represent a TV/Movie character you hate. Write your closing statement to the jury.
  2. Magic is real! But you have to pay a “magic tax” every time you use it. What magical powers have you been gifted with?
  3. You’re rushing to get to an important engagement. If you don’t arrive on time, you’ll feel the repercussions for years to come. Where are you going?
  4. Letters have been delivered to 10 people around the world asking them to participate in a secret mission that could save the world. You’ve been asked to join but ultimately decline. What does the letter say?
  5. You’re a guest on the evening news. What are you there to talk about?


Access deeper emotions for the following prompts. If you get stuck, use the sense to bring details to life (smell, sight, touch, sound, taste).

  1. Write about a memory that fills you with happiness.
  2. You’re having a conversation with a version of yourself 10 years from now; where does it take place and what do you talk about?
  3. Write about a challenging truth you’ve learned.
  4. You’ve been granted a 15-minute window to do anything you want. What do you do?
  5. Write about an apology you’re yet to receive from the point of view of the person giving it.
writing exercises


To inspire comedy in writing. Let your mind wonder into a world of silliness and absurdity.

  1. You’re in a meeting with 12 talking pigeons. They want humans to make some key changes “or else”: what are their demands?
  2. You wake up in a lion’s den covered in herbs and spices but manage to escape unharmed. How did you get there and how did you escape?
  3. You create a new word that goes viral. It brings you fame and fortune and makes it into the dictionary – what is it?
  4. While singing in the shower you hear your neighbour harmonising along. Describe the conversation you have the next time you’re face to face with them.
  5. Displaying anger in public results in an automatic fine of £100 (or the currency of the country you live in). You owe £300 in fines – what are the three incidents that got you in trouble?


Use the power of observation to describe things as they actually are instead of how you remember them as.

  1. The sky where you are right now
  2. The differences between you and a sibling/close friend
  3. A word that sounds better than it’s meaning
  4. A lie that we tell children
  5. A sentimental gift

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