Sweetart Comics Collaborates with Hobbycraft!

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A Sweet Collaboration With The UK’s Largest Arts and Crafts Retailer

During October, Hobbycraft marked Black History Month across their social channels by working with a diverse range of creators from the black and brown community, and I am proud to announce that I was asked to collaborate with them on this project!

Allow me to whisk you down memory lane for a moment.

Way back when my fashion sense could be summed up in two words – Black Dracula – a Hobbycraft opened up a short walk away from my house. I left the house in my black lycra flares, long-sleeve velvet blouse, and floor-length cape (it was the 90s!) to see what was going down in craft town.

Let me tell you something Sweet Babes and Sweet Bros, they weren’t messing around. It was like stepping into the fifth circle of heaven: two floors filled with rows of colourful craft and art supplies as far as the eye could see. I thought to myself, “I’ll never leave… Never!”

And then they shut down. 

Talk about a cruel summer.

That would’ve been the end of the story except they reopened in a different location, multiplied, and now they’re the largest arts and crafts retailers in the UK.

Needless to say that when they asked me if I’d like to showcase my creations for an Instagram takeover I was over the moon!

Watch my takeover  here  
Face reveal on Hobbycraft’s Insta here 
And follow me on Instagram here

The theme was ‘Proud To Be,’ and you get to learn why and how Sweetart Comics came to be.

I take you through the creation of Sweetart Soy Candles, and how to take your greeting cards from zero to hero with an easy DIY envelope tutorial.

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