Love, Lessons, And Legacies

It’s time to do the mandatory lovey-dovey post in honour of Valentine’s Day, previously known as my-least-favourite-holiday-that-isn’t-even-a holiday-because-we-don’t get-the-day-off.

Around this time, some years ago, I very briefly, dated a guy who, in response to being told I was a writer, quietly uttered the words, “I’ll never die.”

If ever there was an instance when I needed Lord Of The Galaxy Defenders, Xenu to lift me up into a sky-beam, this was it.

His very humble rationale was that writers always tell stories about the important people they meet which meant that when I inevitably wrote about him, his legacy would live on way after he died.

Well, here you go dude: you were important to me…

An important reminder that nobody wins when you pretend to enjoy someone else’s garbage music selection. As it stands, my hearing has never quite recovered from listening to what can only be described as a Coke can being blended in tune to a foxes wail while a frustrated eel learns to play the violin off in the background.

Now, enough of that and enough of him because this is supposed to be about love and I shouldn’t besmirch Cupid’s birthday or as it’s more popularly known: Valentines Day.

Or is it Saint Valentine’s birthday? Sorry, what’s that? It’s nobody’s birthday?

Ah okay, got it: it’s the day we commemorate this Saint Valentine bloke by plying our partners and source of all irritability with freshly murdered flowers and indigestion-inducing food while using this holiday to let all those other smug couples know that, even though you argued about why the bins weren’t taken out yesterday when I asked you too, *Roger, you are the most enviable #goals couple in the world.

Okay fine I’ll be honest, I am laughably inexperienced when it comes to loving relationships and all the things Celine Dion sings about but I do believe in letting go of things that don’t serve you anymore and that applies whether you’re single or boo’d up.

Being in a relationship tests the boundaries and expectations you may have only thought about in theory. Sometimes we learn that the expectations we have are malleable or learn to be more uncompromising with our boundaries. This can all be hard and exhausting work, but it’s work worth doing with the right person.

So, if you’re with someone who sincerely wants to see you shine bright like a diamond by supporting your growth and well-being and they’ve been in close proximity to your accidental farts then that’s a beautiful thing.

Relationships take work, and if you’re putting in that work then go ahead and celebrate! Hire a violinist to serenade you, I hear there’s a very persistent eel who’s just looking for an opportunity and an open mind.

If you’re single, like I am (hello boys!) then it’s an awesome time to set boundaries and invest in yourself. Challenge the belief that your life has more meaning once you’re in a relationship. Your life has meaning now! Not when you find someone who acknowledges your worth. Today. Right forking now. You are worth an abundance of love right at this moment. Even if you’re reading this on the loo.

It’s a lot of work and it’s not always as easy as A, B, C; 1, 2, 3. However, choosing to let go of ideas or people that keep you from being the shiny diamond you are is worth celebrating too.

Would I like some murdered flowers (roses please) and indigestion-inducing food this Valentine’s day? Yes, and you should fill out the contact form on the About Me section for shipping information.

Either way, I’ll be celebrating how far I’ve come from looking for love in all the wrong places and having my hearing compromised by a misogynist, Nazi sympathiser in the process.


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