Part 3

Mouseshank Redemption: The Finale

mouseshank redemption songmouseshank redemptionmouseshank redemption song 2shawshank escape                                                                                                                                       

Where the frick was this frickin’ mouse?! I started to freak the hell out.

Did I dream it? Was there no mouse, the whole time? Right from the start, my dad kept saying that he couldn’t hear any noises. Was I really as insane as people keep telling me I am?

 NO! And shame on you for thinking that.

I went downstairs for a snack to rejuvenate my mind. When I returned to my bedroom of nightmares, my dad was lifting up what I thought was the bottom of the closet.

With both hands full and a torch in his mouth–sorry, whats that? Why didn’t I hold the torch? I was…I don’t know what I was doing. Not helping apparently– Anyway, back to the story, this isn’t a Q & A!

With the torch in his mouth, he muffled the words, “Oh, crap.” What was this? A mini poster of a sexy Minnie Mouse and, oh, oh no…

The mouse had Shawshanked his way out!


          MOUSE POV

  shawshank mousefreedom
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