Exercise 101

beginners exerciseI recently found out that when I do press-ups, it looks like I’m doing the worm. Not only is this alarming information, as well as explaining my excruciating back pain, it goes towards the notion that:

I’m horrible at exercise.

I was an athletic kid. My limbs sprouted at an alarming rate when I was eleven. This was perfect for flying over hurdles. 

physical fitnessThen I went to an all-girls high school… Yes it’s as scary as it sounds. Aside from a brief stint where I took kick boxing classes (because of the Charlie’s Angels movie with Lucy Lui in it) I, more or less, stopped exercising by choice.

By the time I got my first full time permanent job in TV where they paid me in cash money instead of high-fives, I had given up on exercise all together. People wrongly assumed that I was athletic probably because of my remarkably flat chest, when in reality I was stuffing my face with the sweets on the treat desk, which was also, conveniently my desk.

I moved to a different desk when I was promoted. Wheeling my chair between my desk and the treat desk- approximately 1 foot away from me- was strenuous enough for me to class it as exercise.

Then I went travelling and I decided to get fit. I climbed a mountain in Malaysia!

ripped trousersBut I split my trousers trying to stretch my leg up a make-shift rope ladder of death, and had to continue climbing up and down for another 6 hours with my arse out.

I cycled 26 miles in San Diego!

But it was by accident. I was swayed into doing it but truth be told,  I didn’t know precisely how long 26 miles was, and that cycling it  turns your legs into wet spaghetti. Also, I got lost and was the last one to arrive at the destination. 

running for beginnersAnd most recently while demonstrating my superior exercise skills, I found out that not only have I been doing the worm instead of press-ups, but I run in a manner which causes people to become concerned for my well-being. I know this because people have stopped me in the street to ask if I’m okay.

With all this being said, I should throw in the towel. Just stop.

But I wont.

Not because “exercising is good and blah, blah, blah.” Yeah, yeah, yeah…

But because sometimes, even if you look ridiculous, the best thing you can do is try.


  1. HAHAHA! Your blog is so unique and refreshing. I can’t wait to see more.

    1. Thank you! Love the photos on your site the anniversary pics are super sweet too

      1. Thank you!

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