Practice Sketch (Biro)

Practice, practice, practice. Although my mum is an artist, I couldn’t draw the simplest of things, so even though I had the urge to, I didn’t bother trying, believing that I simply couldn’t.

Last year I started to draw stick figures for a laugh, but as the year got, well, increasingly awful, I found myself drawing as a way of silencing some of the brain noise. It was therapeutic, and putting time aside to improve on something new for myself was satisfying.

Black Girl Magic

I’m terrible at drawing hands so whenever I get a chance, I practice drawing them using a YouTube tutorial.Mark Crilley does some great ones.

hands biro sketch

Apparently I like drawing a closed fist a lot…

Sketch of a mouse digging a hole for the Mouseshank Redemption triology.

Mouse sketchshawshank mouse


Then this happened…


I don’t know what happened here, it’s just a blob on a face. Here’s a video .

And if you’re wondering why I sketch with a Biro then prepare yourself for some in-depth explanations…


…it’s because that’s what’s usually laying around.


What inspired you to start drawing? Feel free to comment and share links to your own sketches below.


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